Shown above is a picture of myself, Winston Hill, age 12, in the cone my dog had to wear after being spayed, which curiously fit me… Excuse me for not indenting, as I’m still getting used to WordPress and usual techniques, such as tab, don’t seem to work. I was recently invited to join this blogging group by Alec Lancaster, whom I met through our church, Fellowship of Faith.

My father lost his job almost a year ago. Four more days will be one year. This greatly impacted all of my large family, as we were used to being rather wealthy. My dad took it the worst. He quickly devoted his days to surfing the internet, looking for employment. Now, before the job loss, we still went to church and of course enjoyed it. But we were never very deep Christians. While it has been problematic, it has appeared that it was God’s way of bringing us closer to him, as twisted as it seems to be. But I have faith that he will bring us income.

Also, recently (meaning today) my older brother left to join the Coast Guard. He is now a Coastee, I think he said it was. Now most people after having a family member leave raid their rooms or rejoice. But not me, and not with him. He brought me into the Youth Ministry I am in now (FUSE), so I can’t thank him enough for that. But I know he will be a blessing to everyone around him as he trains in Basic.

And that’s my story. Thank y’all for reading, and look for my first series, God’s Hidden Communications, being up later in the week.

God Bless,

Winston Hill